How to Explain Confidentiality to Clients

how-to-explain-confidentiality-in-a-session-social-work-scrapbookConfidentiality… we all know about it…but do our clients?  When I was a starting social worker I thought beginning a session with a confidentiality statement would seem stiff and cold.  Untrue, In this video I share how a confidentiality statement can help to create a safe space for a client. I will also share reasons why ensuring our clients understand confidentiality is important & how I make my personal statement of confidentiality in session.  Majority of my work is with adolescents and children, which means that I have gotten pretty good at explaining confidentiality.

Social work scrapbook is a blog & YouTube channel aimed at helping social workers apply social work methods, values & theories in the real world “front line” work we do at the many different agencies and settings social workers are found.  Click here for more.lcswsign


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